The Village

An advanced party go-er, pub hopper or simply just enjoy the night life, you would probably not consider Singapore as a place where one can execute a lot. Majority of night owls would still feel Singapore being a dead town when the sun passes down. Well, you might not more mistaken. There is definitely plenty of booze, plenty of food available even till the wee hours with the morning.

West Coast Road New Condo District 5

There a lots of places to head to at night in Singapore, if you are searching for drinks or food. The harder popular areas would be the three Quays in Singapore, namely Boat Quay, Clarke Quay as well as the Robertson Quay. It is possible to find discotheques, pubs, restaurants of numerous themes in all these three areas. Every one of these three areas offer you excellent diet and you may find pubs, discotheques, wine bars and more within the areas.

West Coast Road New Condo District 5

Mohamed Sultan Road, after the locale for famous assortment of pubs and discos such as the Wong San's, Madam Wong, FrontPage, Next Page and more are not exactly dead town. You can still find watering holes in the area and lots of good food there.

The legendary Zouk, which has been re-inventing itself for decades, which can be still packing the crowds in are simply at the vicinity. Party lovers will like the establishment, however, you must be warned too long queues are expected should you head there.

St James Power Station, which housed numerous themed outlets in one single location, is merely near the Harbour Front City, remains one of the most popular destination where party goers visit nightly. Whatever your music preference is, you'll find one of many outlets that suit your taste.

For those who should you prefer a softer touch with the party all night atmosphere, you don't need to be too far far from town either. Club Street, Tanjong Pagar offers a number of pubs, wine bars, restaurants which serves Chinese, Korean, Western food plus more. These night spots, the watering holes, generally usually do not blast their music, and are suitable for you to conduct some after-hours drinking sessions along with your business associates.

In order to unwind your day, a great spot to visit could be Changi Village or New england Road near Siglap vicinity. There are numerous beer gardens where you can get good food and booze at inexpensive price points when compared with its counterparts around areas. The 2 locations are better the eastern section of Singapore and therefore are well patronized by locals and foreigners alike.

Hardly covered fifty per cent of what can be obtained is protected here. There are numerous areas like Chijmes, Dempsey Hill, Bugis area, Marine Cove, Pasir Panjang Village and more which offers the very best of both food and drinks.